Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sophie's Diary

I came across this blog whilst searching for something else. I can't read much of it as I keep on getting a lump in my throat!

I'd like to send her one of our quilts. If you all agree, I'll get started on Quilt No.1 as soon as possible.


Katjaquilt said...

Hi Clare, it is a great idea to send this couraged girl the first quilt. I will see where I can save some time to make some more blocks.
Can you get hold of her private adress to sent her a card shower when she is feeling ill.

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare.
Thanks for the offer to participate, but since I already sew and donate quilts to children with long term diseases - also cancer - here in Norway, I think I will stick to that.
The very best of luck with your red and white project.